10 Facts About our Sense of Smell

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10 facts about our sense of smell


1. Sight, sound, taste and touch are mentally identified first but smell is our one sense that is identified emotionally first and in the deepest part of our brains.


2. Our sense of smell is our most powerful sense – and our most neglected – it triggers memory, eating, survival, sex and other emotional behavior. Think Thanksgiving dinner.


3. In humans powerful emotional (and even sexual) feelings have a direct link with our sense of smell. Hence the scent industry with oils, candles, patches etc.


4. We can recognize up to 10,000 separate odors but they need to be able to enter a gaseous state for us to detect and identify them. In other words a biological process must be occurring (usually decomposition) before we smell it. We can recognize new car smell but not the smell of the front fender.


5. Studies show that young adult women have the most acute sense of smell. (Pregnant)


6. Flavors are recognized first not by taste but by sense of smell. Try holding your nose while drinking coffee or eating an orange.


7. Research shows that there are actual smelling disorders.

            Hyposmia – loss of sense of smell

            Anosmia   – distortion of sense of smell


8. German scientists have concluded that smell influences our dreams.


9. Your sense of smell is the last one to wake up in the morning. (smoke alarms)


10. In Australia ordinary wasps are being trained to detect the presence of bombs, insects, dead bodies etc. through their sense of smell.

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