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Started in 2007, Sniferz provides routine and specialized deodorizing services for vehicles, residential and commercial properties.

Pioneering a service that removes unpleasant odors for a very broad classification of customers presented a major challenge. Although unpleasant odor problems are a fact of life, their removal has been relegated to aerosol sprays, air wicks, plug-in scented chemical air fresheners, and routine techniques that are at best only temporary. Actually the most common approaches often increase health threats by using dangerous chemicals.

In the past the most effective odor removal solutions were designed for janitorial services or flood and fire restoration. Until now, there was nothing developed to eliminate odors that routinely occur in both homes and businesses.

Through ongoing research and experimentation, Sniferz can offer customers the most advanced combination of technique and technology available. Any Sniferz treatment is environmentally friendly, reliable, safe and provides a positive impact on both the health and comfort of customers.

Sniferz has partnered with Biosweep to provide high performance air and surface decontamination.