Biosweep CR1100 prototype

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Jason Bowyer of Biosweep Canada and Mr. Vallee of ServiceMaster Brantford worked together to create an 8’x20’ environmentally controlled chamber to house the CR1100 prototype in the warehouse located in Brantford Ontario. “We are ecstatic with the results of our performance testing” , says Bowyer  ”This unit performs off the charts”.

This unit uses the revolutionary Phocatox technology to produce a gaseous hydrogen peroxide; not only deodorizing but sanitizing content items. The process is GREEN. The process does not use or distribute chemicals when safely eradicating odors on all variations of contents and materials.

“It will save tremendous amounts of money for insurers and homeowners “ says Bud Vallee of ServiceMaster Brantford.  “The process will also relieve our landfill sites of waste.”

“This technology clearly puts us on the leading edge of our industry. We jumped at the opportunity to work with Biosweep. This is very exciting” added Vallee.

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