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Celebrating 7 Years of Keeping Lincoln Fresh!

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We think year 8 will be especially great! Read all about it in the April issue of Strictly Business!

Fighting Against Infectious Disease

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Fox New reports on how new technologies help with keeping you, your family, your staff, your clients, etc. safer from illness causing germs.

BioSweep can be your solution to winning the fight. Call 402.429.9984 to learn more.

Biosweep CR1100 prototype

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Jason Bowyer of Biosweep Canada and Mr. Vallee of ServiceMaster Brantford worked together to create an 8’x20’ environmentally controlled chamber to house the CR1100 prototype in the warehouse located in Brantford Ontario. “We are ecstatic with the results of our performance testing” , says Bowyer  ”This unit performs off the charts”.

This unit uses the revolutionary Phocatox technology to produce a gaseous hydrogen peroxide; not only deodorizing but sanitizing content items. The process is GREEN. The process does not use or distribute chemicals when safely eradicating odors on all variations of contents and materials.

“It will save tremendous amounts of money for insurers and homeowners “ says Bud Vallee of ServiceMaster Brantford.  “The process will also relieve our landfill sites of waste.”

“This technology clearly puts us on the leading edge of our industry. We jumped at the opportunity to work with Biosweep. This is very exciting” added Vallee.

Suprising Impact of our Sense of Smell

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Our sense of smell is an amazing attribute and is an important factor in all of Sniferz’ projects.

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Here’s the truth about germs in your home…

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Here’s the truth about germs in your home, including some facts you didn’t know but will be glad you read.

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BioSweep Surface Defense

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The saying goes “what you don’t know won’t kill you” — but in the case of a recent article from a BioSweep agent in the United Kingdom, he discovered that what one person didn’t know literally could have caused sickness to not just that person, but people who came in contact with this person.  Here’s an excerpt of interest:

We have to date always seen at least a 70% reduction on a surface reading as soon as we apply our BioSweep Surface Defence antimicrobial.  Often times it is higher.

Within 2 minutes of wiping his hand with a BSSD wipe the reading went from 6770 to 58.  Given more time it would come down further yet.  Compelling.

No doubt hygiene is important to most people.  And it is the stuff you can’t see that is trying to do our species in.

Some biologists think the great 6th mass extinction is underway and it is the lowest forms of life trying to eradicate the highest forms of life.

Good hygiene, washing hands, surfaces, clothes and so on- gives each of us a fighting chance.  And to really protect surfaces …..and the people touching those surfaces, I recommend BioSweep Surface Defence.

I have treated our home with BioSweep Surface Defence and having 2 children in preschool and one in infants school we know a thing or two about bacteria and viruses.

We’ve treated thousands upon thousands of square metres around the country with BioSweep Surface Defence.

BSSD:  It cuts the microbes open, bleeds them, and electrocutes them.  It is working 24/7 for around 9-12 months on the surfaces we treat.

Surfaces in your home or business, floors, toilets, tiles, carpets, walls, hvac filters- you name it and chances are we can treat it, and it’s working for you 24/7 for 9-12 months.

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Drug-resistant “superbugs” and how Sniferz can help

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As colder weather nears, illnesses and sickness rates begin to climb.  “According to a new report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least 2 million people in the United States develop serious bacterial infections that are resistant to one or more types of antibiotics each year, and at least 23,000 die from the infections” and experts are calling these new serious infections “superbugs”.  So what can you do?  Share this with your friends and family and take comfort knowing that Sniferz has the right methods and materials to protect your homes and your loved ones from disease-spreading surfaces illnesses due to unhealthy air quality.

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Facts and effects of the use and exposure to Chlorine Dioxide.

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Over the past few years several products have been introduced to the vehicle detailing industry that produce chlorine dioxide gas. Most come as a kit with ingredients to be combined inside a container like a styrofoam cup or such. When this container is placed in a vehicle it can then theoretically deodorize the vehicle from unwanted, sale killing smells. Here are a few facts about these products that most car dealers, sales people, vehicle detailers and certainly the car buying public are most likely unaware of.

  1. Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is a highly reactive, volatile and strong smelling yellow gas or liquid.
  2. Chlorine Dioxide is one of the most dangerous substances in the world and can cause damaging effects in even short exposure periods.
  3. Over a million pounds of chlorine dioxide are produced annually in the United States according to
  4. Between 700-900 public water treatment systems use chlorine dioxide according to the EPA.
  5. Chlorine Dioxide must be mixed on site because it is too volatile, flammable and explosive to transport.
  6. Chlorine Dioxide’s high reactivity make it excellent at killing germs and bacteria in water according to the EPA. Manufacturers also use it to bleach cloth or paper.
  7. According to OSHA chlorine dioxide is a severe irritant of the human respiratory system and can cause respiratory distress and pulmonary congestion as well as coughing and wheezing.
  8. Although chlorine dioxide is highly toxic, its high reactivity rate means that it breaks down or changes into other compounds in a matter of hours. However, this is enough time for humans and animals to feel negative effects.



While chlorine dioxide is effective when used safely for things like water treatment or pulp bleaching, the average car dealer, sales person or detail dude should not be putting this substance into the cab of a vehicle to remove odors. The overall effectiveness is poor in the long run as it is not meant to break down substances like tobacco smoke, pet or other foul smelling residue. Further, when one considers the health risks to anyone getting in a poorly ventilated car or truck after this kind of treatment it makes little sense to use this type of product to deodorize a vehicle.

Sniferz never uses chlorine dioxide in vehicles or anywhere else we deodorize. Our technology and processes from our relationship with BioSweep are completely natural doing the deodorizing and then quickly breaking back down to the natural substances they were originally. You can trust Sniferz to use only safe and environmentally friendly treatments for deodorizing and decontaminating any vehicle or indoor surface or space.

10 Facts About our Sense of Smell

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10 facts about our sense of smell


1. Sight, sound, taste and touch are mentally identified first but smell is our one sense that is identified emotionally first and in the deepest part of our brains.


2. Our sense of smell is our most powerful sense – and our most neglected – it triggers memory, eating, survival, sex and other emotional behavior. Think Thanksgiving dinner.


3. In humans powerful emotional (and even sexual) feelings have a direct link with our sense of smell. Hence the scent industry with oils, candles, patches etc.

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#1 Odor Issue for Pre-Owned Auto Dealers

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 #1 Odor Issue For Pre-Owned Auto Retailers

“It smells like tobacco smoke!” is perhaps the most familiar sale-killer  the salesman hears. Though the year, make, model, mileage and color are just what they are looking for, if the vehicle has even a faint smell of tobacco smoke it is no longer the choice for many car buyers today.

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