Facts and effects of the use and exposure to Chlorine Dioxide.

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Over the past few years several products have been introduced to the vehicle detailing industry that produce chlorine dioxide gas. Most come as a kit with ingredients to be combined inside a container like a styrofoam cup or such. When this container is placed in a vehicle it can then theoretically deodorize the vehicle from unwanted, sale killing smells. Here are a few facts about these products that most car dealers, sales people, vehicle detailers and certainly the car buying public are most likely unaware of.

  1. Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is a highly reactive, volatile and strong smelling yellow gas or liquid.
  2. Chlorine Dioxide is one of the most dangerous substances in the world and can cause damaging effects in even short exposure periods.
  3. Over a million pounds of chlorine dioxide are produced annually in the United States according to scorecard.com.
  4. Between 700-900 public water treatment systems use chlorine dioxide according to the EPA.
  5. Chlorine Dioxide must be mixed on site because it is too volatile, flammable and explosive to transport.
  6. Chlorine Dioxide’s high reactivity make it excellent at killing germs and bacteria in water according to the EPA. Manufacturers also use it to bleach cloth or paper.
  7. According to OSHA chlorine dioxide is a severe irritant of the human respiratory system and can cause respiratory distress and pulmonary congestion as well as coughing and wheezing.
  8. Although chlorine dioxide is highly toxic, its high reactivity rate means that it breaks down or changes into other compounds in a matter of hours. However, this is enough time for humans and animals to feel negative effects.



While chlorine dioxide is effective when used safely for things like water treatment or pulp bleaching, the average car dealer, sales person or detail dude should not be putting this substance into the cab of a vehicle to remove odors. The overall effectiveness is poor in the long run as it is not meant to break down substances like tobacco smoke, pet or other foul smelling residue. Further, when one considers the health risks to anyone getting in a poorly ventilated car or truck after this kind of treatment it makes little sense to use this type of product to deodorize a vehicle.

Sniferz never uses chlorine dioxide in vehicles or anywhere else we deodorize. Our technology and processes from our relationship with BioSweep are completely natural doing the deodorizing and then quickly breaking back down to the natural substances they were originally. You can trust Sniferz to use only safe and environmentally friendly treatments for deodorizing and decontaminating any vehicle or indoor surface or space.

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