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 Sniferz has partnered with Biosweep to provide high performance air and surface decontamination. BioSweep is a powerful, fast, effective, safe and environmentally friendly way of removing airborne and surface contamination. Unlike any other equipment available BioSweep creates a hydroxyl radical plasma gas inside a sterilizing chamber and produces high levels of vaporized hydrogen peroxide and purified ozone into treatment areas. These agents work together against airborne and surface contaminants before rapidly changing into non-hazardous natural elements. View more info on the BioSweep FAQ page.

Applications include:

  • Fire/smoke odor removal
  • Mold/mildew abatement
  • MRSA/C-diff/staff eradication
  • Bacteria/virus mitigation
  • ANY odor eradication
  • Vehicle recovery
  • Contents remediation on-site
  • Whole building bio-sanitation
  • Allergen Suppression


Remove Odors



  • Permanent results
  • Environmentally safe
  • Proven technology
  • Non-corrosive like simple ozone generators used elsewhere
  • Will not blanch or harm fabrics
  • Allows for quicker recovery and re-entry of insured’s property