For 10 years, Sniferz has been working with area auto dealerships to remove all types of odors in used or leased cars, trucks, vans, limousines, and more.




  • Same Day or Next Day Service
  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfication
  • Permanent Results
  • Fast Process
  • Safe on Fabrics and Other Materials
  • Volume Discounts

Our rapid, safe process permanently removes:

  • Smoke odors from tobacco and other sources
  • Nuisance odors of all types, such as from spills or skunks
  • Must or mildew smells from water damage

*Exclusive to Dealerships*
If you have never worked with Sniferz, take advantage of $10.00 off when you schedule your first appointment.

Sniferz can work by individual appointment, or a regularly scheduled time each week or month.

By addressing any issues with vehicle odors upfront, you can create a great fresh smell that will have a huge impact on sales.